A Message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

Mata Yogananda My love and bleassings are with you always - Mata Yogananda

"My Dear Ones,

     I pray for all of life ~ for all of us are of the One life force. Give us peace. Let us feel love in our hearts for all creation.

     This is a letter for all of you. I pray as it is read, that each and every one of you will find there is something here for you, for there is no barrier of creed or dogma ever in our thoughts.

     All the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres came into being through God of Light and Master Gurus. They are there for you to partake of and imbibe. Each Centre offers full teachings and guidance on the aspects of the mind, body and spiritual self, with peace, love and wisdom as its essence. Yet each Centre has its own special flavour of its own country, with its own individuality.

     The doors are wide open to you all, with complete freedom in every sense of the word.
If you wish to visit, write or phone, we say, ‘Welcome – Come’.

     May you be blessed in finding what you truly seek."                 


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