Handmade Meditation Stools

handmade Meditation Stool Seat blue - purple.jpghandmade Meditation Stool Seat patterned.jpghandmade Meditation Stool Seat gold - yellow.jpghandmade meditation stool hardwood.jpg

A comfortable seat for meditation is useful in that it can help us to forget our body: this can be of great help in focusing the mind.

Our Meditation Stools have been designed with the guidance and blessing of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma. They have been designed to support our spine and develop our posture as we meditate and at any time we may need a comfortable support.

They are made from beech for strength
, upholstered in different grades of high-quality foam for support and covered with the best material to resist stain and be washable. A variety of colours and patterns are available - please contact us for further details. Please note that materials may differ from those illustrated.

The stools are hand-made individually
~ with love. They are available in two sizes, adult or child, and should last a lifetime.

Please contact your nearest Centre for prices and ordering information.

For patterns and colours currently available from the UK Mother Centre, click on this link.

(Pictures to the right are for illustrative purposes only. Fabric and wood colours may vary by country and availability.)