Tithe Box

Mataji from Dharma 9 cover final v2.jpgTithe-Box-SRMHC-Donations.jpg

A beautiful Tithe Box, blessed by Mata Yoganandaji, is now available from the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres worldwide.

Mataji explains:
“There is so much more to giving than we realise, for as we give, so we receive.
A tithe is a gift - of produce, land or money that can be given through love to help and feed others ~ in mind, body and spirit.
Tithing helps to keep the energy in that money flowing through our lives.
It is a sharing of the blessing that the money brings to all.
Each time you tithe lovingly a blessing is received”

Please visit your nearest Centre to collect a tithe box, and return it when you can. All donations we receive will help others in need.