Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma ~ Self-Realized Master for our time

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma Self Realized

'When the student is ready, the Master appears'. When urgent calls for help go out, when we really want to understand and progress, or when the evolutionary stage of the world reaches a time of optimum opportunity, then a Master comes to show us God within and our path to our own Self–Realization.

Mata Yogananda was asked by the Divine Power, through her Guru Paramahansa Yogananda and the Masters, to be a Guru in this age, to the many souls who are awakening and seeking Universal Truth, Unconditional Love and Wisdom, within and without. 'Guru' means 'dispeller of darkness', thus to have a Guru means that Light is shed over, within and around us so that we can see more clearly our own true selves and our own path.

Mata Yogananda was given a two-fold mission: the first, to bring Pure Meditation to souls who are ready to really move forward spiritually, who are desirous of opening to the Love and Wisdom within them and living that truth in a practical way. The second part was to bring the Alpha Omega family at the Mother Centre into being; to be the first of its kind, providing training, experience and paving the way for many spiritual families around the world. The Alpha Omega family is based on unconditional love; meditating, working, playing, progressing and sharing together; looking to the Highest wisdom and truth.

Pure Meditation saves souls from aeons of suffering and restless searching. Mata Yogananda has given her life and her very being to help others to freedom; to open the door to joy, peace, creativity, health, happiness and fulfilment. That means for you too.

We are blessed indeed to be alive at this time: Mata Yogananda is there for all souls, with a heart so full of Love for us all, each of us known, accepted, guided and helped forward as far as we choose to go. To know the presence of Mata Yogananda in our lives is to experience Love and Light beyond words.

Mata Yogananda has given us a promise:

                            'Self Realization can be yours in this lifetime - if you truly desire it.

        I am at the door - holding it open for you to enter into my heart and listen to the truths
                                           that will set you free, and, find your God within'