Mata Yoganandaji's 10 plus 2 Commandments

Mataji devotional from Come My scan B v4.jpg

These ’10 Plus 2’ Commandments for spiritual growth and advancement were lovingly given by Mata Yoganandaji to the Alpha~Omega family at the Mother Centre in England in January 2000. The Alpha~Omega family found them so uplifting and inspiring that it was suggested they be offered to the Sister Centres ~ so that all the Centres could have them in their kitchens and daily meeting rooms ~ at the core or hub of spiritual family life.

As helpers and students were drawn by the Love and Light pouring from Guruji’s writings of these age old truths, they requested that they might also take them away and live by them.
Mataji explained that no-one acting out~following these truths could commit a mortal sin.

We offer these writings in their original form ~ written in Guruji’s loving hand,
as the Divine Love and Inspiration flowed ~ that all who read may have the opportunity to open their hearts to the Divine vibrations which pour from them ~ and thus draw nearer to Oneness with the Infinite Beloved.

Mata Yoganandaji's 10 Plus 2 Commandments are also available in German.