An Altar of Peace and Love


New, and just released, are beautiful, devotional, triptych Altars of Peace and Love, for Pure Meditation and all other times, which we asked Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji to bless. They are so lovely to use whether at home or when you are travelling.
They come in a sturdy gold envelope for protection and are available from the Centres. Many have longingly waited for the Altars and now we joyfully give thanks for their arrival.


UK Prices and Ordering Information:

Please call us on (UK) +44 (0)1935 850266 between 930am-1230pm or 230pm-530pm UK time Monday to Saturday to order your copy, and pay by credit card* or debit card, or contact your nearest Sister or Contact Centre for details and availability.


* Please may we ask your help. When you pay by Credit or Debit Card it costs the charity money (processing fee). Therefore we would ask you to pay by cash or Cheque.
If you do wish to pay by Credit or Debit Card we will reluctantly need to charge a £1.00 fee to cover the processing costs for all payments under £40.00.
We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.
With our thanks