About the Books of Mata Yogananda

For many years Mata Yogananda has been involved in the teaching of both young and old.
The guidance she gives is aimed at helping people to be happy in their lives in a healthy, harmonious and soul-enriching way.

The love for all life that she radiates in her life and work shines out from this lovely collection of spiritual fables.

This book is for all ages - from 3 to 103!

Join Mataji on a journey of spiritual discovery ~ of love, fun and adventure ~
in the Land of Truth ...

297mm x 210mm, softback,
38 pages in full colour with 34 colour illustrations.
ISBN THIRTEEN: To Be Confirmed

If you are looking for knowledge, spiritual guidance, healing, or simply wish to share in the joy of the Divine, this book will find a home in your heart.

Over the many years of Mata Yogananda's devoted work helping souls, Mata is often asked "How do I live spiritually in the modern world? Are there truths eternal?"

These Truths can be found within this book. Mata is a Master, at one with that Truth. Here Mata shares it with us all; how to live spiritually today, without judgement or dogma.

And within the Divine dance of life Mata shows us the eternal truths that will take us forward to health, peace and happiness.

What is Healing? What are Chakras? How do I live Spiritually? Is Divorce wrong? What is disease and how do I overcome it? What are the point of tragedies and disasters?

You will find answers to all of these, and many more, within.

This volume, the sixth of Mata's collected works, contains the loving illumination of a soul perfected.

242mm x 162mm, hardback,
302 pages with 4 pages of colour plates.
ISBN TEN: 0 9522734 4 6
ISBN THIRTEEN: 978 0 9522734 4 8

The Truth Eternal
Review by an International Management Consultant:

"I love it! This new book by Mata Yogananda has a crystal clear
simplicity expressing an utterly profound message.

Following on “Self Realization Through Meditation” and her autobiography, “Come”, Mata Yogananda now offers her spiritual teaching in the form of insight and practical counsel on many of the most important concerns facing people in the modern world.

Outside, handsomely presented in rich colours, inside beautifully designed and decorated with exquisite illustrations, the book combines her thoughts with many affirmations and prayers for immediate and practical use by the reader.

Writing directly to her reader in an early section, Mataji encourages:
“Face up to your true self – with truth, and your world will open up to you as a much better place to live, with more ability to understand people and events.”
From this determined starting point, the book proceeds to unravel the complexity of many contemporary questions in a powerful and persuasive style.

In answer to the question, “Why are we here?”, her answer is to the point. “We are here because we have chosen to be.” This simple statement is the ultimate antidote to the feeling of powerlessness so many people have in the face of life’s difficulties. We chose to be here – we chose this body, these parents, this situation and this time. And why did we choose it? – in order “to find our true SELF – SOUL – SPIRIT – again”. Thus, we are not powerless – we consciously chose this body, this vessel, this time because this is the best way to make progress. Difficult though our lives may be, fraught with emotional and physical struggles, they offer us the best vehicle that we could possible have for becoming who we really are, for Self-Realization and developing personal mastery:
“Heed not the dangers to yourself, rather fear the dangers that await you if you do not take care of your spiritual self.”

In another section, Mataji offers new insight to this difficult period of aggression and counter-aggression that is dominating world affairs. “…all seemingly horrific happenings are brought about by the countries and/or human beings themselves, and as such there is always a payback time. A cleansing takes place, thereby good will eventually come from each such happening”.
In these simple terms, Mataji explores the role of karma (the laws of cause and effect) in national and international affairs. Everything we do has an effect and where these actions lack love there will be no love in the response. The call is to act with understanding and love in every situation lest we bring down negative consequences upon ourselves.
On marriage, Mataji writes with quiet but oh how helpful guidance:

“Accept each other as you are.
No judgement or hidden criticism
Speak the truth to each other
Be giving to each other
Considerate and kind,
Loving to each other”

Perhaps most importantly, she reminds us “……to remember that, though partnerships/marriages can be wonderful, they need to be constantly worked at day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.”

Tackling so many different issues and concerns such as health and illness (including constipation – perhaps a first in a spiritual book), ageing and death, homosexuality and family and finally our relationship with God, Mata Yogananda offers a manifesto for successful living. And yet, she never comes across as superior or paternalistic – here is a woman who has become Self-Realized in this lifetime on the anvil of her own struggles, writing profound, eternal truths that everyone can follow. Thank God that such a master is with us now.

In conclusion, a recommendation:
This is not a book to read at a single sitting. Rather, take it section by section, breathing in the depth, practising the affirmations and prayers, absorbing the spirit."

Fully revised and expanded hardback second edition

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma is the Guru, Spiritual Head and Founder of the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres.

Born with a strong desire to help others and experience everything, her story is one of hardship and plenty, love, marriage and motherhood; together with the artistic, practical and business facets of life.

Her strong spiritual desire to find a Guru led her to meet with Paramahansa Yogananda, who awakened within her the depths of spiritual knowledge in preparation for the fulfilment of her life’s purpose.

One of Mata Yogananda’s tasks has been the nurturing of the Alpha–Omega family, an expansive spiritual family based on unconditional love, with Meditation being a keystone of their life together. Her disciples and students come from all walks of life, and from many parts of the world; taking the joy and peace of her loving teachings into their work, their partnerships, and their homes.

Mata Yogananda's story is much more than an autobiography - it is the living record of a spiritual journey beyond compare - written to inspire those seeking the richness and fulfilment that the spiritual can provide.

242mm x 162mm, hardback,
376 pages with 24 pages of colour plates.
ISBN TEN: 0 9522734 6 2
ISBN THIRTEEN: 978 0 9522734 6 2

In this book Mataji shows the spirituality in all of life, the true purpose and the beauty that may be found by all, in this lifetime.

For established meditators, as well as those who just wish to find out what Meditation is all about, this book is a treasure. It includes explanations and insights into the practise of Meditation at a true depth, and clearly put, so that all may imbibe.

Mata Yogananda explains the need for seekers to find a Meditation teacher of wisdom, and she also gives Meditative breathing exercises, to help prepare the body–mind–spirit of the student for the practice of Meditation.

There is also a section of questions and answers about Meditation, based on Mata’s experience with numerous students of Meditation over the years.

Included in this second edition:
* New writings by Mataji
* 8 page colour/black and white plates section

Also available in a German Language Edition - contact us for details or look on the German section of our website.

165mm x 103mm, hardback,
152 pages with 8 pages of colour/black and white plates.
ISBN TEN: 0 9522734 8 9.
ISBN THIRTEEN: To be confirmed. Please contact us for further details or to order - thank you.

This is a beautiful collection of poems and writings from the depth of Mata Yoganandaji’s heart, to the depth of your heart. Every poem, saying or story in the book speaks a thousand times louder than words; and the spiritual seeker gains more of the wisdom with each re–reading.

It is a book for dipping into, and then savouring every word, every phrase; letting the heart gain the deep meaning of all that is written.

Let your inner self listen to the voice of truth; let this voice bring you comfort.

173mm x 122mm, hardback,
112 pages with line illustrations throughout.
ISBN TEN: 0 9522734 9 7
ISBN THIRTEEN: 978 0 9522734 9 3

For those who have heard Mata Yogananda’s beautiful Songs of the Soul, and those who are new to them ~ this book contains the full musical score and words to each song-soul chant, now available for the first time. The book also contains a foreword by Mata, including her wisdom on the role of music within Healing. This book is the companion to Mata's Vibrations of Love CD/Audio tape.

297mm x 210mm, softback.
62 pages with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations throughout.
ISBN TEN: 09522734 3 8
ISBN THIRTEEN: 978 0 9522734 3 1

This book is the companion to Mata Yogananda's Perfect Thoughts CD.
Accompanied by lovely miniature pictures and illustrations thoughout, it contains the full words and guitar chords to each song-chant. The book also contains a foreword on Mata Yogananda and the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres, and these uplifting song~chants.

210mm x 148.5mm, softback.
26 pages with pictures and illustrations throughout.

This book contains a Self~Realized Master’s living experience of founding and nurturing true Spiritual Families and Centres. Mata’s priceless wisdom is here to share with all.
It will be of interest to those who wish to start a spiritual centre, and~or a spiritual family as well as those already living together.
This book is, quite simply, unique.

215 mm x 160mm, softback.
45 pages with 4 pages of plates
ISBN TEN: 09522734 0 3
ISBN THIRTEEN: 978 0 9522734 1 7

 This palm-sized book contains the words to each of Mata Yogananda’s beautiful song-soul chants, accompanied by miniature illustrations throughout. This book is also a companion to Mata's Vibrations of Love CD/Audio tape.

Within the book there are seven visualizations that can be used to find deep relaxation and peace.

Accompanying the delightfully illustrated book is a CD in which Mataji takes you through each visualization, as well as talking about Covering Over, Expansion and Breathing.

We’re delighted to announce the release of Gods in the Making - a NEW book by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma.

Gods in the Making: Your Life Questions — Answered. In this book Mata Yogananda sheds light on many practical spiritual questions – here are just a few examples:
* How do I find happiness?
* Is money important?
* What is a Guru?
* What are the Christ Power and Holy Spirit?
* How do I find Security?
* Should I go to Church?
* What is God?
* What is The Fall?
* What are Hell and Heaven?

Mata Yogananda also writes on many other topics including:

* Evil
* Worry
* Love & Infatuation
* Suicide
* Sex
* Abortion
* Religion
* Meditation
* The Internet
* Marriage
* Unconditional Love
* The Ether
* Cells & Stem Cells
* Aging
* Dieting
* Chakras
* Animals
* Evolution

Mata Yogananda, Self-Realized Master and founder of the worldwide Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres speaks from her heart to yours, answering your deepest spiritual and practical life questions. From God to Guru, Money to Relationships, Children to Karma, you can find answers within.

                      Let unconditional love show you the way – to the God within you.

242mm x 162mm, hardback, 336 pages with hand-drawn illustrations throughout and 4 pages of colour plates. ISBN 978 0 9559099 1 7