About Dharma Magazine

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Dharma is The Centres’ yearly magazine presenting the Wisdom of God~Life and the Masters; with articles by Mata Yogananda and people in different professional fields including those in holistic health care. The emphasis is on practical spirituality, covering all aspects of life.

Dharma Issue 20 (released Sept 2015)

"Life is Sacred"

Includes articles on:

Spiritual Parenting
Sacred Passing
Genetic Engineering
Extra Year of Life - for What? by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma


Part of our range of Dharma back issues:

Dharma 1:

Dharma Issue One brings news of the blossoming Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres around the world as well as a range of feature articles, essays, poems and so much more including:

* Loving the Temple
* Fearing the Freedom
* What is True Friendship?

Dharma 2

The theme of the Second Issue of Dharma is ‘Spreading the Light’. All over the world people are crying out for peace, justice, respect and love. Articles include:

* Healing ~ Body, Mind and Spirit * Faith and Commitment
* Living Mataji’s teachings in the Big City

Dharma 3

The Third Issue’s theme is ‘Taking us Forward’, forward into Life and Light.

Articles include:
* Spiritual Boundaries
* Love and Family
* The Column of Truth

Dharma 4

The theme of Issue Four is ‘Into the New Millenium’ - this issue is full
of practical spirituality for the 21st century. Articles include:

* Suicide and Abortion
* Beyond Ego
* Spirituality and the World of Work

Dharma 5

Issue Five is packed with contemporary spiritual wisdom, including articles on:

* Helping Children in Need
* Nursing & Natural Spiritual Healing
* Find Peace - be In, but not Of, The World

Dharma 6

'Who Wins... Ego or Wisdom?' is the theme of the Sixth issue of Dharma and includes:

* The Business of Surrender
* Meat to Live?

Dharma 7

Includes articles on the following themes:

* The World as a Whole
* Responsibility Pills
* Illness and the Mind

Dharma 8

Dharma Issue 8 from 2004 includes articles on:

Dharma 9

Dharma Issue 9 Includes articles on:

and many more.

Dharma 11

Some of the key articles in Dharma Issue 11:

Dharma 13

The theme of Dharma Issue 13 (2009 issue, published November 2008) is Spirituality & Science and this issue includes articles on:

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