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Dear Family,

With more and more people needing the Charity’s help we are spread a bit ‘thin on the ground’ both physically and financially. The men in the family have been repeatedly involved in maintenance/repair around the Centre and particularly with bathrooms and kitchens (some of which have now had to be replaced) ~ taking away the time and energy that we need to devote to our spiritual work as more and more people in need contact us.

Here are some of the reasons we need your help:
1) Obviously we have to update the Centre’s facilities from time to time but we have had to over-extend
ourselves recently in order to provide a workable kitchen and bathroom for Owl Cottage ~ even though we did all the work ourselves, it cost a great deal but it was necessary for our guests and students.
2) We will have to replace the windows in both the cottages within the next year ~ because of rot in some places there are more repair than window!
3) We need funds to pay for a Japanese version of ‘Self Realization through Pure Meditation’ and a German edition of ‘Come’.
4) We had to recently safeguard the Centre from flooding and the building of houses very close to us which would have disturbed the peace of the Centre, by purchasing a strip of land which we are turning into a wild flower meadow.
5) We are also very out of date with a website that is not mobile friendly and are having to create a new one so that people in need can easily find information.
We urgently need to raise funds, but do not wish to use an outside agency because they take a percentage of funds raised and it also takes a great deal of our time. We have an estimated shortfall of about £9,500. Can you help by donating towards Fund Raiser 2017? Donations by cheque, credit card or in cash would be so appreciated.

You may also like to have a go at Fundraising by holding a garage sale, tea and cake Party or a sponsored walk or other event, with the proceeds going to the SRMHC Charitable Trust. We now have a Fundraising Officer ~ Fiananda MacColl ~ to help us, so if you have any ideas or need help to get an event off the ground, please contact her on 07919 150187.

If everyone who had benefited from the Centre’s work could donate, we would soon be clear to go sailing ahead ~ please hold us in your prayers that our shortfall may be realised soon.

Photos and details of Fundraising will be regularly posted on our facebook page.

To donate by Paypal or Credit Card click here then click on the "DONATE" button.

Keep smiling with us and together we will make a difference.

With our love and blessings to you,

Christy Little Mother
Alpha Omega Family

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