About the Pure Meditation Foundation Course

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A valuable first step towards learning in-depth Pure Meditation

       Of value in all walks of life, Pure Meditation Foundation training ~ which includes the Meditative Peace breath ~ helps you to be in charge of how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. It takes only an hour to learn and a few minutes to practise each day. A valuable first step towards learning in-depth Pure Meditation, it is also complete in its own right. It helps to reduce stress and emotional reactions and improve concentration, so that natural talents, abilities and memory can be developed.

        Pure Meditation Foundation can be practised anywhere - at your desk, before interviews, meetings or performances when studying or taking exams, after a hectic day, before and after picking the children up from school, for relaxation and to ensure a better nights sleep. It can help to balance blood pressure, reduce the risk of headaches, help relieve pain and tension, and can bring peace, serenity and health.
       Pure Meditation Foundation is for all ages from 5 years to 105.

        It is available as an individual training course, or for small groups by appointment with the Centre. Please consult the course programme for details of scheduled classes this year.

A Message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma ~

"Our very dear Spiritual Family

I am so pleased to hear that so many of you are thinking of taking the Pure Meditation Foundation Course,  which is a lead up to the Ultimate Life Course of Pure Meditation ~ which is more like a Course for each person and their Spirit, allowing and helping each person who takes Pure Meditation to raise their deep spiritual part of themselves, to raise itself above the worry and negativity that most of us have while in the human body.

People learn from others, who give them that knowledge. You have that person, who can help
you find your own true self.

Do help yourself to this all giving, loving Course which is for all searching for the real reason for living. It is an ancient Course for this day and age.

     Everyone is special to God and Guru.
          Ever, with my Blessings to you"

             Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma