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> Lifeskills, Relaxation, and Energy Management Workshops

Lifeskills, Relaxation, and Energy Management Workshops are needed to help people better meet the demands of today. We live in a busy world and much is expected of us. We can help you meet the challenge! The skills learned in each workshop are designed to enhance one's awareness, focus and concentration not only in the school or the workplace but most importantly in day-to-day life. This has the potential to free up time and energy for more of the things we really enjoy ~ for us to find balance in life. Each person will be encouraged to look at the issues that they face and be helped to find ways to better meet those challenges. When we have the tools-for-life then living it can become so much easier!

> The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

The Centre is here to serve the needs of all people, of all races, backgrounds, beliefs and for all levels of need. This charity has been established to help people from all walks of life to be happier and healthier and more harmonious in mind, body and spirit. We provide teaching, care and nurturing for all who wish for more out of life.
The Centre is run by qualified teachers, healers and counsellors and since it was given its permanent home in Somerset in 1988, has continued to grow and develop its work worldwide.
What’s on Offer?

> Students

Lifeskills and Relaxation Workshops can be run for students as a 1 hour session before/during exam time allowing one or several groups of students the benefit of dealing better with any anxiety, worry and stress that comes up as a result of exams, interviews and life in general. Practical tools are taught to help students stay more focused and centred. These valuable sessions help students to make better choices for themselves and also to help them to take responsibility for their choices. We also look at practical ways they can make the most of their revision time and the students also learn a simple relaxation technique that they are encouraged to use regularly to help keep any pressure that they quite naturally feel at bay. With the focus on the practical, these sessions give the students tools they can take with them and use in day-to-day life, helping them to be more natural, more themselves both now and in their future.

Lifeskills and Relaxation Workshops can also be run for students as weekly 1 hour sessions during term time. By keeping the principles fresh for them each week and helping them to be more accountable for their choices, the students have the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the issues covered within a single session. Because the focus is on the practical rather than theory, these lifeskills can truly become integrated and part of the growing person's outlook on life.

> Staff

Weekly 1 hour sessions during term time can also be arranged for Staff.

A two-day Holistic Energy Care Course can be the ideal way for Staff to start the term. The course is designed for each member of staff to be able to look at many of the issues they face in their lives that hold them back from achieving their full potential. The aim of Holistic Energy Care is to help people have a better understanding of their own energy, including how it's created, used and most importantly, conserved. This knowledge and practical self-care enhances all areas of one's life. With it one can avoid burn-out, illness and excessive tiredness, improving morale and attendance. This is a course for anyone who helps other people!
Because we tailor each course to meet the needs of the students and provider this course can be arranged as a team-building, yet individual nurturing retreat at our beautiful Somerset Centre, or on-site; the arrangement and timing of the sessions is also flexible.

Inset Days to meet the specific needs of a group are also available. Again they can be arranged on-site or at our Retreat Centre. These days can be designed to look at the specific issues your team faces, not only at work but at home, in managing their energy, so they can have more for themselves and more to give.

The Mother Centre is a 17th century farmhouse with its surrounding buildings. The spacious grounds include a therapy pool, new purpose-built yoga and lecture room, and gardens for quiet reflection and relaxation.
Situated in the village of Queen Camel, the Centre is in a tranquil position, whilst also being within easy walking distance of the village shops.

> Other Topics for You to Consider:

> Finding Balance
> Being our True Selves
> Making Choices
> Communication
> Boundaries
> Giving and Receiving
> Creating Space within & without
> Body & Breath Awareness
> Spiritual Knowledge and Philosophy
> Meditation
> Creating Families
> Creating Partnerships
> Embracing Change

The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre’s tutors see each person and therefore each group as unique. As each workshop is individually tailored please feel you can ring us to discuss the needs of your group:
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