Courses for Business

Discover outstanding professional training for your organization and its team.

The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre is a non-denominational charitable trust which specialises in practical spiritual training for modern professionals.

Over the last twenty years, the Centre has trained people of all ages and backgrounds as Counsellors, Healers and Teachers – a tranche of international professionals including some of the UK’s leading business management consultants; Professional Directors, Cinematographers and Photographers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK; Pharmacists and Business Managers from the USA; Media Managers and Teachers from all over the world.

Consultation and Training are also available from the Centre for bringing business inspiration and projects into practicality - developing communication, business flow and time/energy management.

Courses taught at the Centre will help you improve your performance and productivity, and enhance your patient/client care skills. We can also help you to manage your own energy more effectively.

The Centre’s teachers have developed extensive experience in specialist training of this kind and aspire to the highest standards both for themselves and their students.

For further information on these world-class training courses, please browse our website, and contact us direct if you have any questions or wish to speak to one of our Senior course tutors.