Transformation Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

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Learn to be a Yoga Teacher - Yoga Instructor - Transformation Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

This is a comprehensive individual learning Diploma programme designed to develop the student teacher's own intuitive and creative knowledge of the essence and potential of Transformation Hatha Yoga.

The course takes place over three calendar years comprising six residential weeks, tutorials, ongoing support and assessment.

Modules include: teaching techniques; attunement; the science of Yoga; energy awareness; balance and concentration; asanas/postures; breathing and grounding techniques; postural therapy; visualisation; relaxation; specialist Yoga fields e.g. Antenatal, Aqua Yoga, Yoga as healing, Remedial Yoga and the business facets of being a Yoga teacher.

Student teachers are required to develop their own practise as well as teach classes themselves.

Because of the depth of this course, it is necessary for students to have an established Meditation or Meditative Peace practise.

Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre Transformation Yoga teachers are very much aware of each individual in a class - helping each yoga student towards a deeper understanding of themselves, body, mind and spirit. From this students learn to develop their own intuition and how to use it in everyday life to promote their own health, vitality , creativity and happiness - to love and respect their own body/being and potential for growth.

For further information please contact the UK Mother Centre. See our Course Programme for dates of the next intake.