Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre (SRMHC)

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The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre (SRMHC) is here to serve the needs of all people, of all races, backgrounds, beliefs, and for all levels of need.

The focus is on providing teaching, care, nurturing, the clearing of emotions and balancing of body, mind and spirit for all who desire peace, harmony, health and progress.

This Centre was brought into being by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma and her husband Peter Sevananda in response to the needs of the age we live in. In 1988 the Mother Centre was given its permanent home in Somerset, England, and has continued to grow and develop its work, both here and through Sister Centres around the world.

All the centres are run by qualified teachers, healers and counsellors, living and working together as a spiritual family, with the guidance of Mata Yogananda’s experience, love and wisdom. They aim to work with unconditional love at all times~ to offer healing and guidance to those who are suffering in life on any level ~ and see each person as unique with individual needs.

Founder Members of UK Healers. Members IYN, BWY, REPs.


The Mother Centre is a 17th century house with its surrounding buildings. The spacious grounds include a therapy pool and gardens for quiet reflection and relaxation.
Situated in the village of Queen Camel, the Centre is in a tranquil position, while also being within easy walking distance of the village shops. The surrounding area offers varied scenic walks, and the Centre is within reach of the coast.

The village is situated one mile south of the A303 and is easily reached from London and all parts of the country (see map on page 21).

There are trains from London – Waterloo to Sherborne and from London – Paddington and Bristol to Castle Cary. Car parking is available in the grounds.

The Centre holds courses and retreats throughout the year with comfortable accommodation and vegetarian home cooking.

As a UK Registered charity, donations make an enormous difference to our voluntary work and would be gratefully received. There are many ways to help: Tithe Box; Sustainers Fund; General Donation Fund; Payroll Giving and Legacies are gratefully accepted - please contact the Mother Centre for further details.

Your total donation will go directly to help those in need receive Healing, Counselling, Meditation and any other form of therapy that they need at the Centre or to a bursary fund to help people take our self-help courses.
We are a UK Registered Charity Nº800412.


Pure Meditation is the foundation upon which the Centre’s work rests. Please come and join us for meditation each morning at 6.45am; or in the evening at 8.45pm, Monday to Saturday, and at 7.45pm on Sundays. All are very welcome.

Pure Meditation courses are regularly held for those who wish to find inner peace and stillness while making progress on the path to Self–Realization. It is an in-depth Meditation incorporating Raja and Kriya Yogas, of ancient origin, brought into its present form by Mata Yogananda – retaining all its essence and purity, yet perfect for the needs of life today. It provides all the tools necessary for peace, happiness, direction and fulfilment in all walks of life.

Pure Meditation Foundation, incorporating the Meditative Peace Breath, Relaxation and Visualisation are also taught – these are not the same as in-depth Meditation, but can be beneficial in many other ways.

Meditative state, Relaxation and Visualisation are also taught – these are not the same as in-depth Meditation, but can be beneficial in many other ways.


The Centre offers individual appointments for Natural Spiritual Healing and Progressive Counselling in Queen Camel, Somerset, with hospital and home visits arranged as required.

Natural Spiritual Healing benefits all – even those who appear healthy can appreciate its harmonising and balancing effects, as healing is also preventive medicine and helps maintain good health. It is for all ages from birth to the end of this life. Animals also benefit greatly.

Progressive Counselling can help with any of life’s situations, and no problem is too great or too small to bring to counselling. Progressive Counselling is for anyone who wishes to resolve problems, enhance their life, change or choose direction, or understand themselves and others. Individuals, couples, families and business groups can all use counselling to find their way forward.


Professional training courses in the fields of Natural Spiritual Healing, Progressive Counselling and Transformation Hatha Yoga, lead to a diploma on successful completion. These courses are equally valuable to intending practitioners and as Self Development. Everyone has inner abilities, which they may be unaware of – these can be fostered and developed safely with professional guidance.

Courses in giving healing to animals are also held regularly, and there are a number of weekend courses on the programme to assist self development, progress and to release creative potential.

Non-scheduled courses are also run including Holistic Energy Care, Spiritual Knowledge and Philosophy, and further teacher training courses; please enquire for details.


There are so many times in life when we need nurturing – whether because of illness, bereavement, burn out, change in our circumstances, or dissatisfaction with ourselves. Sometimes we simply want a place to go where we can be ourselves, or find ourselves. Throughout the year, the Centre offers a welcoming haven for your individual needs, with warm, comfortable accommodation and vegetarian home cooking. Special diets are catered for as needed. There are two Meditation rooms, a library, log fire in winter, and comfortable sitting rooms.

If you wish to receive healing or counselling, or take part in Aqua or Transformation Hatha Yoga, please tell us when booking.

Many different kinds of retreats can be arranged to suit individual needs. Celebration retreats, in the silence, at Christmas and Easter are a joy to the whole being. Many retreatants also take the opportunity to refresh and revitalise themselves spiritually at silent weekend retreats.


Our Centres are very different, each reflecting the flavour of the country and climate they are in, each run by residents of that country who have received in-depth training from the Mother Centre. We have faith that in each Centre you will find the same welcome, the same unconditional love for you and for all of life.
Please ask if you would like to arrange a visit in person. We are always happy to hear from you, and to show you around the Centre. We are here to serve.


It was with great joy that the first open meditation evening was held at the Mother Centre many years ago; souls coming together to imbibe Divine Peace and Love, to seek Self–Realization through Pure Meditation. Since that time many open meditation evenings have come into being around the world ~ like stars of Love shining their light into the darkness of separation, delusion and suffering.
We hope that many more souls will be moved to open their hearts and their homes in this way, until the world is full of the Light it so urgently needs. We look forward to you joining us ~ please look on our website, in Dharma or ask the Mother Centre for the latest details.

The peace ~ oneness in Meditation ~ joy for all to share.


The Arms of the Family offer bed and breakfast and/or dinner to students/friends of the worldwide Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres: for those friends who are travelling and wish to find a loving place to rest their heads 'en route' and know that they will be welcome. In this way we hope to bring a sharing of life with those of a like mind.
Details are here on our website, and in Dharma magazine.


A comfortable seat for meditation is useful in that it can help us to forget our body: this can be of great help in focusing the mind.
Our Meditation Stools have been designed with the guidance and blessing of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma. They have been designed to support our spine and develop our posture as we meditate and at any time we may need a comfortable support.

They are made from beech for strength, upholstered in different grades of high-quality foam for support and covered with the best material to resist stain and be washable. A variety of colours and patterns are available - please contact us for further details. Please note that materials may differ from those illustrated.
The stools are hand-made individually ~ with love. They are available in two sizes, adult or child, and should last a lifetime.


Daoseva Press is the sole publisher of Mata Yogananda’s publications. Please see the publications section of this website for further information.


For name–giving, births, spiritual marriages or partnerships, and on transition from this life. Blessings for homes and for all occasions can be arranged.


For those wishing to take an individually structured programme for Self Development, planning meetings can be arranged with a Senior Trainer.


Lectures and workshops on a wide range of subjects to suit all interests can be arranged either at the Centre or at your group’s venue. In addition, teachers from the Centre visit hospitals, GP surgeries and schools on request to provide yoga classes, workshops, courses and lectures for patients, students and also for professional people. These are just some of the ways that the Centre helps others to improve concentration, relax and come into harmony – so that life can be thoroughly enjoyed.
Each year international teachers from the Mother Centre travel through the UK on workshop and lecture tours.