Spiritual Gatherings

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Spiritual Gatherings
For Meditators, Devotees of God/Guru & seekers on all spiritual paths. Mata Yoganandaji will be giving Initiation, Darshan and Satsanga as God Wills, in the moment of time.

This Initiation is for those who wish to take another step in their commitment to themselves, God and Guru. It is open to all who have been faithfully practising their Pure Meditation and the Kriya~One Breath for at least six months.
On Initiation, a bond of loyalty and love is forged between disciple and Guru, as disciples pledge themselves to follow their path of truth.
If you would like to take this step, please contact the Mother Centre.

Darshan and Satsanga
Darshan means having sight of a Guru.
This is a time of coming together in love, to receive blessings on ourselves, our life and our path.
A Satsanga is a joyous gathering of like minds, a time to share Song~Chants and spiritual insights – bringing blessings to all.

Kriyaban Celebration Retreat
A joyous coming together as a spiritual family for all who have received the Kriya-One Breath.
This week will embrace Darshan, Satsanga, a Pure Meditation Refresher, spiritual teachings, chanting, silent times and the opportunity to learn Mi~Lee.

Pure Meditation Refresher
To refresh and deepen our Pure Meditation practice is essential for ongoing spiritual progress. We recommend all Meditators to attend a Refresher each year.

These are an intrinsic part of the spiritual path for all Meditators. They nourish us spiritually so that we can commune in a deeper way with our Higher Self/God within and engage more fully in all of life. Retreats can be arranged throughout the year for as short or long a time as is right for you. Please ask for details.

Christmas and Easter Celebrations
We welcome you, as our spiritual family, to spend time with us Meditating and sharing in the love and stillness of these special times. We will be meeting together in the Yogananda Room for Meditation each day and we do hope you will be able to join us. Please let us know if you wish to come – all are welcome.

Christmas Eve
8pm ~ midnight and onwards
Christmas Day
10.30am ~ onwards
and 8pm ~ onwards
New Year's Eve
8pm ~ midnight and onwards
Good Friday
8pm ~ onwards
Easter Sunday
10.30am ~ onwards
and 8pm ~ midnight and onwards

Please come and go at any time, as you wish.

                                                      Love, Peace and Joy

Please contact us for further information on Initiation, Darshan and Satsanga, and see the UK Course Programme for dates of the Mother Centre's Spiritual Gatherings.