Antenatal & Postnatal Yoga

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Antenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Many women find Transformation Yoga an extremely helpful exercise in pregnancy. Yoga, in addition to health benefits, helps to prepare the body for labour and birth in a gentle and unobtrusive manner.

By careful selection of antenatal exercises
, the teacher is able to focus some work towards pelvic opening and maximising muscle and ligament flexibility, helping the birth process to be more natural and flowing. Increasing lung and chest capacity is also covered, allowing for greater comfort as the baby grows in the mother’s body. Great care is taken so that no-one over-reaches her physical ability, and general exercises for the overall health of the mother and baby are also taught.

Women from 14 weeks to full term
are welcome to join antenatal Yoga – and women planning to become pregnant are encouraged to attend regular Yoga classes beforehand.

, Transformation Yoga is also of great benefit to the pelvic floor, the skin and muscle tone, and all aspects of on-going health. Please contact your nearest Centre for further details and times.