Aqua Yoga

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Aqua Yoga Classes in Queen Camel, near Yeovil, Somerset.

Aqua Yoga

Employing the principles of Transformation Hatha Yoga in water allows for ease of movement and more flexibility than may be possible on dry land, especially for those with limited mobility.
The water resistance increases the effectiveness of the postures, and allows a gentle strengthening of muscles and joints, while the buoyancy encourages more grace and flow of movement. With the flotation, a different range of movement is possible, adding a new dimension to Transformation Yoga, using specially designed and adapted exercises.

The sessions take place in our heated indoor Therapy Pool, designed for easy access to a safe and level depth of water, surrounded by handrails for support. Classes are taught individually or in small groups by thoroughly trained and qualified teachers who will look to the needs of each student. Aqua Yoga feeds the whole being – the freedom of movement frees the mind allowing us to feel the joy within.

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